PDFB Program Committee 2018

2018  Retreat Presentations

  • Barry Graff, Paul Sessions and Prudy Gourguechon
    Title: Obsolescence or Continued Generativity.  (Friday Keynote)
  • Sharon Dorsett & Michael Madera
    Title: Getting in their own way: why members of family businesses don’t change and what can be done about it.
  • Ira Bryck
    Title: You (the protagonist) are in the hot seat, working out your stuff about Them (the antagonists)
  • Jamie Weiner
    Title: In the Land of Giants: Redefining Rites of Passage
  • Thomas Hubler
    Title: Family Business Consultants as Leaders: Understanding our Shadows to Create Light for Our Clients
  • Jeff Savlov: 
    Title: Interview with Ferrara Next Gen Member
  • Gerry Donnellan
    Title: The DL: Assumptions I have made.

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