PDFB Program Committee 2019

2018 Retreat Presentations

Retreat Theme: Challenging Assumptions: The Family's, Our Own.

We and our clients carry assumptions into our work together.  Oftimes unspoken or unacknowledged, these assumptions can be useful cornerstones to begin a process of change.  "Expressing emotions is helpful", and, "This is family. We should trust each other", typify what we and our clients carry into the room.

However, if we do not bring such assumptions to light, we can get bogged and lose our way. Creative problem-solving gets sidetracked.  The work stalls.

Our retreat addresses this dynamic. This is an opportunity to deepen and enliven conversations with each other about our work.

  • Barry Graff, Paul Sessions and Prudy Gourguechon
    Title: Obsolescence or Continued Generativity. (Friday Keynote)

  • Sharon Dorsett & Michael Madera
    Title: Getting in their own way: why members of family businesses don’t change and what can be done about it.

  • Ira Bryck
    Title: You (the protagonist) are in the hot seat, working out your stuff about Them (the antagonists)

  • Jamie Weiner
    Title: In the Land of Giants: Redefining Rites of Passage

  • Thomas Hubler
    Title: Family Business Consultants as Leaders: Understanding our Shadows to Create Light for Our Clients

  • Jeff Savlov:
    Title: Interview with Ferrara Next Gen Member

  • Gerry Donnellan
    Title: The DL: Assumptions I have made.

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